DJ RADD1 PRESENTS -- "One Metropolitan Detroit Record Pool"

In a continuing effort to foster, shape, and aid the development of the music industry, I am proud to announce the long awaited debut of the newest addition to Metromix Entertainment : " One Metropolitan Detroit Record Pool."

This innovative collection of highly skilled turntable jocks from the greater METROPOLITAN DETROIT AREA promises to become one of the industry's major forces in breaking new music in our greater metro area. Your support of me (DJ RADD1) has been steadfast and greatly appreciated. In return, I have done my best to earnestly work the projects that your respective labels have given me in the past. With the advent of our record pool, the level of service I have been able to provide in the past will be greatly enhanced, and I'm sure you will see the results!!!

Therefore, I am asking that you service and support this pool. Products can be shipped directly to me @ 1140 Abbot Rd., #4335, East Lansing, MI 48826.

IN RETURN for your service, I will provide management and direction of the pool, including tracking of spins, adds, and top 30 reporting. Future improvements will include, web-based reporting, DJ web profiles, and 15 minute web mini-mixes.

Please feel free to reply with questions and/or feedback!!!





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